We will not be taking any new orders after 02/22/2020.

Many of you know that a few years back Miss Judy lost a 10 year battle with cancer. I guess the business got neglected to some extent during that time. The medical bills and business debt gave me little choice but to take bankruptcy.

It appeared for a time that it could be worked so I could keep the business going but thats not going to happen. Im looking forward to the future.

It has been a real joy for Judy and me to meet so many great people. I thank you for all the business you have given us. There are so many good memories. Judy handled the phone and made so many lasting friendships.

The bank tied up the programs and even my name. It appears they are going to continue the grip line. There wont be any one named Ahrends associated with these grips and we only hope they can continue the quality we offered.

Cheers, Kim


Kim Ahrends


We started out in 1980 as Kim Ahrends Custom Firearms. At that time we were making some fine fighting 1911s. In 1982 we produced our first set of grips.  With our grips as with our guns we strived to produce a product that functions as good as it looks.  We have never been content with things as they are, always striving to improve on what we do.


In Memory of Miss Judy 9/6/55 to 3/21/17

Judy was my partner, best friend and love of my life. She will be missed. She loved coming to work everyday and speaking with our customers. Many of you became good friends.


Judy Ahrends


We Began in the basement with a minimal amount of power equipment.  We only produced grips for the 1911 with a table saw and drill press.  While hand checkering these grips there was time to think of more efficient ways to do things.  In 1984 we moved into a garage in the back yard and added a CNC machine.  We are now in a larger building with 3 CNC machines and still looking for ways to make our grips even better.


Our CNC equipment allows for a precision product.  It’s the hand finishing, constant fitting on a frame and attention to detail that set them apart.  This past year we have rebuilt all of our fixturing for more precision.  We have not only come up with new products we’ve revised all our CNC programs for better quality.

With the CNC equipment we are forced to design a grip where one size must fit all guns.  This is the one area where there is a difference between a $70 grip and a $360 grip.  Please understand that it is our goal to provide a reasonably priced product with function as important as looks.



is no longer available. CITES has placed it on the restricted list as an endangered species. We donít want to have a Gibson Guitar moment so please donít send us any customer supplied Cocobolo.


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